#e4mexclusive:  Influencer collaborations: New trend driving Public Relations for brands

Guest Column: Neha Bajaj, Founder & Managing Director, Scroll Mantra Pvt. Ltd., shares how a right influencer collaboration can do wonders for brands

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Published: Sep 9, 2021 1:02 PM  | 4 min read

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one more responsive to change”.

With the technological development and digital revolution, we are witnessing an incessant change in the world of content creation. Gone are the days, when television and print media were the only platform for content makers. The birth of social media has reformed the media landscape and has emerged as new-age content platform. It has moulded the way content is packed and presented with innovation in real time, enabling prompt feedback and hence, bringing the content creator closer to their audiences.    

This new advancement has not just proved beneficial for the content makers but also has assisted the brands in curating new techniques for marketing to increase their visibility. This has also given birth to the term ‘integrated communications’ which is essentially tapping all key platforms and not just traditional media to ensure that the brand’s message is delivered to the target audience. Over the last few years influencer outreach has become an integral part while curating a sound PR strategy.

‘Advocacy’ has always been a part of our communication plans where we did seed customer testimonials, videos, awards that further strengthen the brand’s image in the consumer’s minds. In today’s social media age, influencers do this more beautifully and empower the brand to reach a larger audience. 

Digital PR has become a requisite while driving the communication strategy for the brand. Along with reaching out to the online websites or portals, influencer engagement has become an innate part of      digital PR. Many purchase decisions are driven by reading reviews or consulting an expert since it gives us a sense of satisfaction and relief about our money being well spent. Similarly, influencers in the digital world can be called as the new-age experts, having an immense reach to the audience. Influencers resonating with a specific sector can help the brands increase their visibility, awareness and popularity by reaching directly to the appropriate audience.

However, crafting out the best influencer collaboration can be challenging and the brand’s PR team should do some research before partnering, as it is crucial to choose highly engaged followers over the appealing ‘followers’ number. The team should keep key points like relevance, engagement, reach, frequency, and the most important, authenticity in mind to find a right fit for the brand.

Here are some points on how a right influencer collaboration can benefit your brand:

Building trust and credibility

Influencers portray loyal following and have successfully established themselves as an expert. Their recommendations are trusted amongst their followers. Hence, people find them credible and value their opinion as well as recommendations.  The collaboration of a brand with the influencers is able to quickly build a trust about their product among the audiences, making it easier to increase the brand’s credibility.

Influence public decision

An influencer engagement not just increases the brand visibility but it also helps in driving sales by creating a positive opinion about the brand’s product/services resulting in influencing the public decision.

Effectively reaching the target audience

Collaborating and reaching out to the relevant audiences for the brand is one of the biggest challenges. Here, influencers play a key role in enabling brands to reach their appropriate audiences.  It also reduces the extra spending of brands by cutting out the test and trial method, as they are reaching out to the audiences directly, who are curious about their product/ service.

Infinite sharing capability

With the traditional way of advertising, there is a limit to the reach as it is paid for a certain number of impressions. However, with influencers marketing a product, services and even campaigns hold the potential to be shared innumerable times, giving the brand more reach than it was actually paid for.     

The right mix of traditional PR, Digital PR, Influencer Outreach and Engaging Social Media presence can enable a brand to reach a much larger audience today – which initially was only possible through mainstream advertising. Today a sound PR strategy is breaking all barriers and has truly become a must have marketing initiative for all brands looking to expand its horizons.

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