We see a huge potential from the TV market in India: Matthew Gyves, Adobe Systems

Matthew Gyves, Director, Creative Cloud Video, Adobe Systems shares how India has always been strong towards their products, but they are not resting on their laurels just yet

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Matthew Gyves, Director, Creative Cloud Video, Adobe Systems

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing software for television and films. Tim Miller’s Terminator: Dark Fate, the Hollywood blockbuster, was cut entirely on Premiere Pro with spectacular results. Closer home, in India, Adobe has been working with news broadcasters to increase its footprint in a market that has grown both in size and scale over the years. exchange4media caught up with Matthew Gyves, Director, Creative Cloud Video, Adobe Systems, to learn more about the company’s India plans.

“We have a big footprint in India with many of the broadcast customers; so the majority of the news broadcasters in India use Premiere Pro in the newsroom. We're very strong there," shares Matthew. “We also think about how we can branch out into other parts of the Indian media industry and the film industry as well. We focus mostly on news and broadcast and that's been very successful and remains strong. But there's always more we can do. Our main focus has been around news and sports here, and we're going to continue that for the coming years. And partly to achieve those goals we need to partner with both the technology suppliers and the systems integrators.”

In order to convert broadcasters, specifically news broadcasters to Adobe workflows, the company has a two part approach, one is to employ people who have a background in the industry and secondly by investing heavily in engineering and product management in India itself. Mathew explains, “So a large amount of the engineering resource for Premiere Pro particularly, and our other video products is based here in Northern India, at Noida. That was a big investment in the country here. So, the engineering, the product management and the field focus is what it's taken to move the market.” The company has remained focused on working with Indian customers to build specific functions and features, that they need in their workflows which are specific to the region.

Given the demand for video content in India, Adobe sees a huge potential from the TV market. With the inclusion of the OTT channels, like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. the demand is only growing. In fact, with video being used internally as a communication tool for most businesses and even students making video a part of their education journey, they see growth opportunity coming from different segments in India.

The advertising world is another space that we have a strong presence in. Matthew shares, “The big agencies of the world WPP, Omnicom, IPG, Publicis, Dentsu, are all large Adobe customers. You see a lot of these people have a heritage as well. On the print side of things, they've been using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, but in their digital worlds, they almost exclusively are Premiere Pro. And the interesting thing about these kind of companies is, because they are global, they start a process in the UK or North America and it spreads around the world. So agency is very strong. And then of course, you've got the likes of Cognizant, TCS , Infosys and they're becoming agencies as well. They are no longer just advising, they're actually creating the content. They're becoming digital agencies and we have very strong relationships with them. So, that is definitely another big growth area, the agencies.”

Another area of focus for the company is the mobile device. Adobe is already leveraging on the trend with their product called Premiere Rush, which now runs on iOs and Android devices, and Mac and Windows, “We are definitely seeing a move towards more production happening on mobile devices. They are no longer just consumption devices, they are creation devices as well. That's definitely something we're already seeing in India, and we expect to see more of this just because of the proliferation of mobile technology here.”

Elaborating on the design philosophy for Premiere Rush, Matthew says, “We actually started making that product five or six years ago, and originally we were targeting journalists.  We wanted a simpler tool for storytelling. But what we recognize is, there's just an explosion of video content and people who want to build video content. A lot of people coming into this space may not have the skills or the experience, or the budget for expensive cameras, or even the complexity of some of the editing tools like Premiere Pro. So, Premiere Rush is aimed at that specific user."

He further adds, “With Rush, you can deliver automatically to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, with just a click of a button. What we're seeing is Rush is available on desktop and mobile, but more than 70% of the users gravitate towards mobile.”

Discussing more about social media creators, Matthew delves into the nuances of their latest addition to the Premiere Pro, called the Auto Reframe which will be available to users soon.  This AI backed tool allows users to change aspect ratios for videos, while keeping the subject as the centre of attention.

The company’s constant endeavour to discover, innovate, tweak and customize its products to better service its clients is the reason for Premiere Pro’s immense success in Hollywood. Last year Adobe even won an Academy Award in recognition for their work in after effects. Established filmmakers like James Cameron, David Fincher, and Tim Miller are some of their distinguished clients. This steers us towards the Bollywood question. Has Adobe has been leveraging that space as well?

Matthew says, “When we focus on Hollywood it translates everywhere around the world. It's a logical place to play. Bollywood has actually been an area we haven't taken on en masse yet, we focus very much on the broadcast world.  But I think it's an area we're starting to branch into and certainly some of that starts in the post-production world that support the filmmakers in Bollywood. We're starting to partner and pilot with some of those groups. But certainly we have an ambition to see more Bollywood films cutting in Premiere Pros.”

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