Partnership with Experian will be a game-changer for AdTech space: Dippak Khurana, Vserv

Vserv Co-founder & CEO, Dippak Khurana, explains how the BFSI sector can leverage the Vserv - Experian partnership and how it will help improve efficiency in the FinTech space

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Updated: Nov 13, 2019 12:01 AM
Dippak Khurana Vserv

Vserv, a mobile marketing platform, recently entered into a collaboration with Experian, a global information services company that provides data and analytical tools. Through this partnership both the companies aim to reinvent the way financial products are bought digitally in India.

 We spoke to Dippak Khurana, Co-founder & CEO, Vserv to understand the company’s journey so far and how the breakthrough deal with Experian will help benefit the BFSI sector.

 How has the journey been so far for Vserv since its inception?

 The company was started in 2010. At that point in time, the mobile marketing space was at a very nascent stage, we were like the incumbent players in this category.  When we started the journey in 2010, the bulk of the market was a feature phone market, so our platform catered to the feature phone consumer segment.

 Around 2014-15, we made a huge shift and we started working on two platforms, a demand-side platform called Vserv and a supply-side platform which is called VMAX. Since then we have grown and today Vserv is a fairly strong player when it comes to brands. Looking at consumer outreach, as a DSP we supply media agnostic solutions and run campaigns for brands on Facebook, programmatic channels or on OTT platforms like Hotstar. What really helps us solve the marketing problems for brands is that we target consumers with authentic data. So, at the core of the business, we have a huge data platform which has massive customer insights empowering our DSP and helping our customers target their potential consumers in a far more efficient way.

 Experian has recently made a strategic investment in Vserv, what does this mean for the company?

If you look at the coming together of Versv and Experian, Vserv is a fairly evolved AdTech player and Experian is a fairly evolved analytics player. Globally, it's probably the first of its kind partnership where an AdTech company and an FinTech company have come together through strategic investment and a deeper partnership. Experian is a massive company with about 20,000 people, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, having $30 billion in market cap. So, for Vserv, having a partner like Experian is a huge milestone.

How will the BFSI sector be able to leverage from the Experian-Vserv partnership?

Vserv as a marketing company has leveraged telecom data and used that to deliver targeted campaigns for consumers, so we pioneered the whole DMP category leveraging telecom data in India. That I would say is Vserv’s claim to fame.

Now, Experian deals in the analytics space for the BFSI segment where it collects unique data points on customers and helps the industry with onboarding of customers basis their credit scores.

Vserv being a customer discovery platform and Experian being the onboarding platforms, the partnership is aimed at reinventing the way financial products are bought currently in India. One of the problems that we are going to solve for the BFSI sector, is that we will provide superior targeting while driving quality leads while Experian’s analytics would be finding out whether the leads which have come in, are of eligible customers or not. They will conduct fraud checks, they will also check the credit history of the customer so on and so forth, they will also build policies for the banking sector or any company in the BFSI sector so that those leads become eligible leads or qualified leads.

To be more precise, the vision that Vserv and Experian share with this partnership is to drive the entire journey for BFSI in India, right from customer discovery to digital onboarding in a more efficient and friction-free manner.

What does this deal mean for the AdTech space?

 I will say that what Vserv has done with this partnership is, we've introduced an extremely new dimension to the AdTech space in India because no one would have imagined that an AdTech organisation and a FinTech organisation like Experian could come together to solve marketing problems for the BFSI sector. From that point of view, this is a game-changing partnership for the Indian AdTech space. Globally also, it is one of its kind associations.

 Are there any other partnerships in the pipeline?

We are looking to announce another big association soon.

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